Cruise Proposals

Cruise Proposals

Applications for ship time require the submission of cruise proposals. When compiling a cruise proposal, applicants must account for a lead time until realization of one to four years, depending on the size of the vessel. Furthermore, for logistical reasons, the research vessels have specific large-scale working areas, which must also be considered in the planning. Detailed instructions on compiling research cruise proposals are provided in the Cruise Proposal Preparation Instructions.

Cruise proposals are to be submitted via this portal's online submission system. To do so, you must register for the system and log in on the ‘Submission’ page. To submit a proposal in the system, you must fill in project data (1.0 Cover Page), upload a map of the proposed working area as a JPG, PNG or GIF (with a maximum resolution of 600 px x 600 px and maximum file size of 2 MB), and upload the complete cruise proposal document as a PDF file.

The submission system is open.


Research Capacities RV SONNE 2024


In connection with a necessary transit from Singapore (Republic of Singapore) to Port Louis (Republic of Mauritius), there are research capacities available on RV SONNE in the time period from July 10, 2024 to August 04, 2024 (as at November 22, 2022). The direct transit from Singapore to Port Louis takes 15 days. Depending on the proposed research program and resulting deviations from the direct route up to 4 working days can be applied for.

Cruise Proposals in this context can be submitted until January 31, 2023 (10.00 a.m.) via the Submission System of the Portal deutsche Forschungsschiffe following the link Further information on preparing cruise proposals can be found following the link

Attention: Please insert the letter “T” to your acronym in the following way: “Acronym – T”. Please be also aware of the maintenance closure of the submission system: December 16, 2022.


The Review Panel German Research Vessels meets twice a year in winter (January/February) and summer (June/July). If a cruise proposal should be discussed on a specific GPF meeting, please take a lead time for submission of approx. 5 months into account for regular cruise proposals. Cruise proposals that do not undergo external review (preregistered cruises in context with coordinated programs, cruises financed by other departments than the BMBF, equipment tests, and educational cruises) should be submitted with a lead time of at leat 3 months.

Desired GPF meeting for discussion of a cruise proposal Recommended latest submissions date of regular cruise proposals Recommended latest submission date of cruise proposals that do not undergo external review
Winter (January/February) By July of the preceding year By September of the preceding year
Summer (June/July) By January of the same year By March of the same year


All proponents are kindly requested to utilize the flexible year-round standing open call, and to submit, if feasible, completed cruise proposals also distinctly earlier than at the submission dates listed above.

The submission system has been open permanently since December 2021. Next planned maintenance closure: December 16, 2022. Please note: During maintenance, all proposals in "work" status that are not finally submitted will be deleted.